A reliable disc jockey service was born in Arlington, Texas in a year that we cannot even pinpoint. Marc had been such a dedicated audiophile and party-lover for so long that he focused his creative energy and all of his experience into the business of helping people have fun. Whether they wanted to rock-out like it was 1972 or slow-dance atop a moonlit roof-top in Fort Worth, Marc saw them through. 

He has coaxed many a party out of the hopes and dreams of newlyweds and everyone else he could find. Marc began to realize that there was a remarkable need for DJs who were punctual, professional, reliable, creative, compassionate, and of course-- knew how to have a great time. MWP Customs has partied with a large portion of North Texas-- and would be more than happy to add your party to the map. 

MWP Customs is proudly an independent business, privately owned and entirely family-owned. We welcome all types of partiers-- as long as you like to have fun!